Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Goofy boy

So I left Dominic on the toilet yesterday evening and went outside to check my garden real quick. He was taking his time and kept telling me No when i asked if he was done and ready to get into the tub. 

Not 30 seconds after i was outside, he came out - buck naked - looking for me.  I just started to laugh and told him to go back inside.  Somehow he managed to trip going up the steps on the deck, and was jumping up and down (still naked) holding his shin saying owie.

He'll have a bruise, but he didn't break the skin and I got arnica on it immediately.   I am so lucky that the only neighbors who can see our backyard are laid back and flexible.  


In other news, this week has been themed "Buggin Out" at the Y daycamp.  Today,  they are taking a field trip up to Camp Shady Brook, about 70 minutes into the Mountains for the day.  I'm both nervous and excited for him.  The counselor promised me she'd try to get some of him and text them to me, so presuming there aren't other kiddo's in the pictures, I will post them tomorrow.   They're going to go swimming in a lake, hiking, canoeing, and maybe even ride horses.  He will have such a good time.

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