Thursday, June 20, 2013


I was a bit of a nervous wreck the majority of the afternoon today with Dominic up at the Y camp near Deckers, particularly since yet another fire popped up, this one ~12 miles away from the camp. 

When we arrived to pick him up, one of the counselors saw me coming and waylaid me.  She said he had a tremendously good day -
~ He had Fun
~ He followed directions beautifully
~ He stayed perfectly with the group on their hike

They didn't swim in the lake with is fine with me (i was concerned about the water he'd inevitably drink and de-gooing him from it), and they didn't get to canoe, but apparently they had a blast anyway.   She apologized for being unable to get any pictures of him....

He had such a tremendous day that she, knowing how animal oriented he is, arranged a special trip for she and and he to go see the horses.  HE got to feed and groom the horses. 

He was exhausted almost to the point of tears at dinner (we went to Red Robin to celebrate the successful day with gluten free french fries), and filthy dirty with a few new bruises on his shins, but overall in a very good mood.  I saw zero stimming from the time we picked him until bed, so clearly the answer is to run him to exhaustion and he doesn't stim.  Go figure.

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