Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gains in a funny story

so Saturday night Dominic ate an insane amount of dinner.  Easily three times what an adult portion would be.  It took him 90 minutes and he just kept eating.  We finally told him he was done, gave him his bath and got him ready for bed.

As I handed him his last prebedtime supplement, he touched his tummy and said owie and started to cry (you see where this is going, right).  So I got him into the bathroom and in short order he was throwing up.  (this is afirst for him, both to gorge himself to the point of vomitting AND to sponaneously throw up in the toilet).  He only threw up a little bit - seems like he needed to relieve pressure or something.  Brushed his teeth and then he went and grabbed the supplement we'd stopped with and had me pour him some more and drank that.  Then he looked at me, rubbed his tummy and said "better"

Okay - he told me he didn't feel good!!!  He threw up in right place (and we're not a family that vomits a lot so he really doens't have very many example of this), and then he told me he felt better.

And went right to sleep.

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