Saturday, August 3, 2013

Catch up post. With pictures!

This post will jump around a lot.  Sorry in advance.

Dominic had a great first couple of days at camp this week, but the second half of the week was the hardest he's had all summer.  He was tired, aggressive, impatient, non compliant, and growly.  It corresponded to a supplement tweak I'd made, and we realized he was detoxing more than his body knew what to do with.  Couple of course corrections and an adjustment from our chiropractor (who is back to work after surgery, yay) in which she manually drained his liver (and he LET HER) for a solid 5 minutes - longest ever - and he's completely chill this afternoon.   Hoping he'll be back to normal at camp next week.

I picked him up one day and I have no idea what he did, because when he WENT to camp, his hair was nicely brushed.  At any rate, i think this is a preview to teenage angst.

Today is Rod's birthday.  Yesterday, while i was making his birthday cake, my friend came over to get something that I made her.  And for some reason the dog didn't greet her.  Then I realized...

He'd put the dog in the box.  and the dog stayed.  Shanti's a little weird.

I made a GFCF Chocolate Cake, mostly so that Dominic could have a piece, but i'm always happy when he can do something totally in line with what kids without dietary restrictions do....

Then he got really quiet and i Couldn't figure out why....  Remember the box the dog was in???  I peeked out of the kitchen and saw this. 

Today we went to Lowes in search of a few more things for our hopefully almost done basement remodel.  Along the way Dominic found a new trash can for his room.   

While our Chiro was on hiatus, we took him to her backup for an adjustment.  SAid backup gave him a phone cord to play with and that was a month ago.  He still begs for phone cords.  Calls them slinkies.  Mostly because he's now killed a good 5 slinky dog toys (from toy story).  Anyway.  He slept with that thing, carried it around.  Loved on it.  Was horribly sad when i made it go away one day.    Today, tho, at Lowes, we found the PERFECT replacement.   And i bought 4.   Its a bracelet meant for holding a key chain. But he had me remove the key ring from it.  No worries.

Oh and, this is not the basement as it will be.  We are replacing (right now in fact) the door he's in front of and then have to do the trimming.

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