Thursday, August 22, 2013

budding photographer

Dominic has really started enjoying the camera app on my iphone.  which is fine, i've got the whole thing in an  otterbox, he won't hurt it.   and its kind of funny to see what he takes pictures of.

I found a picture on there of the 101 Dalmatians playing on our TV, for example.  And the fish tank. Lots of pictures of his thumb.

The other day, at our chiropractor appointment, he played with my phone while I was getting adjusted.  There were roughly 30 blurry unidentifiable pictures, and then there were some decent ones.   He has figured out how to take selfies!

Here he is making faces at the camera:

I had my glasses off because I was laying face down. I didn't realize until I saw the camera later that he put them on.  Being as how both his parents wear glasses, we expect he'll end up with them eventually.   They look pretty good on him.

And here is one of the best pictures he took - of me getting an adjustment from Dr Allen

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