Sunday, September 1, 2013

NT Moments...

Yes, I know I haven't blogged a lot lately. In fairness, I've been busy at work, and in the garden (on the upside, i made tomato paste from my own tomatoes yesterday - fun!) and we've been on a very even keel.

School has gotten back in swing with no big surprises. He seems to be doing well. His aide hasn't reported anything that isn't a good day since school started.

We've had a series of cute neurotypical moments the last few days and i wanted to write them down...  Last night, Dominic had finished dinner and i was cleaning up the kitchen. After dinner he goes immediately into bathtime (which takes 30+ minutes as he LOVES water), and then to bed.   Anyway - he had finished dinner, and brought me a DVD and said "I want watch Madagascar, please".  I said  "No, its almost time for Bath".   I finished the dishes and went to start his bath a few minutes later and found him watching Madagascar.  he'd left me, turned around and went to Daddy, who put the movie in.  SO NT!!!!

Then today, I took him to the zoo (it was finally a pleasant day instead of being an oven out) and while he had a good time, he was in a hurry to "go home".   So after we saw the gorillas, we headed home.   Leaving the zoo involves going through the outdoor gift shop this time of year, and he told me "i want animals"  (meaning more little toy animals of which he has approx 32000 already).  I said "No, not today"  and he proceeded to look at every single bag of animals and try to get me to buy it.  It took 10 minutes to get him to leave the shop and he pouted all the way home.

Here're pictures of the zoo visit

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