Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A new situation

We don’t, as a rule, leave Dominic at anyone else’s house without one of us.  We used to at his grandmothers, but she is no longer physically able to keep up with him and its been several years.  

So today there was no school.  Daddy had a class he could not get covered, and I had a meeting I needed to attend at work that precluded working from home (which would’ve been our usual strategy).

We considered our options and ended up asking a stay at home mom friend of ours (who has known Dominic from birth) if we could drop him off for the hour and a half that Daddy would be teaching.  She said “of course”.   I was a little worried because this morning he was extra giggly (yeast) which usually means all his emotions are running high and he becomes non compliant at the drop of a hat.

Turns out, he did great.

She emailed me that he spent a lot of time chasing and being chased by Koda (their Alaskan Malamute puppy), and that he talked with both her and her son.  Actual relevant chatting about his toys and the movie that was playing in the background.    And she emailed me pictures.

We know he’s made great progress, but its really nice to hear from other people that they think he’s doing well too.

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