Thursday, September 26, 2013

Self Awareness

I just wanted to post a story from today that shows much more self aware Dominic has been lately.  Its growing exponentially.

Today our chiropractor stopped by on her way home from the office (she lives very closeby) and worked on Dominic while she was here.  She started with his yeast and liver which are the reason she came by... and when she was done, he laid across her lap and would not move. So she adjusted his spine.  She and I went and looked at my garden and chit chatted.  CAme back inside and he bent over in front of her and touched his toes.  Sacrum was out.  Go figure.  She fixed it.  Then, as she was getting ready to leave, he stood in front of her aand put his hands on his neck. Yep. out of alighment.

About an hour after she left, he looked at me, lifted his shirt up to show me his tummy and said - completely spontaneously "tummy, feel better". 

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