Friday, October 25, 2013

Parent Teacher Meeting today...

First... apologies for not blogging this week. Work has shifted for me and I am suddenly much busier. I do not see that easing up.   So blogging will likely be a once a week kind of thing  for a while.

We had our first parent teacher meeting of third grade today and it went really well ~ 

We're still working off of the IEP goals written last January and here's how he's doing on those:

 - Dominic has mastered his IEP goal of sitting for 15 minutes without reinforce
- He's mastered his goal of writing his first and last name independently.
- On his goal of "given a written number symbol from 1-10, Dominic will provide the corresponding        number of an item/manipulative with 80% accuracy over 3 consecutive trials", He's mastered doing this with numbers 1-5, and they've just started folding in the rest.
- On his goal of "During 15 minutes of interactive play with peers, Dominic will participate in at least 3 conversational turns of more than three exchanges over three consecutive chartings" - he's doing better. Last spring he was at 1 conversational turn.  He's up to 2 regularly with an adult.  With peers its harder because they're not as patient in waiting for his response.  Apparently, this week he stated "you are in a tree" during pretend play, AND spontaneously gave his SLP a hug. She was blown away.

The only goal that they're really struggling to see progress on is "Given a simple 4-5 word written directive, written with instructional level words, Dominic will demonstrate comprehension of directive by completing the task noted with 80% accuracy over 3 consecutive trials".   ITs a doozy goal, tho, so i'm frankly not suprised.

Whats really exciting, tho, is that he's doing really well on a keyboard.  Both the SPED coordinator and SLP believe that his academic learning will come from technology.  He can find the right keys and now types his name, the words mother, father, and school from a copy.   The other day, while he was typing, his teacher asked him to type CAT.   He looked at her, SOUNDED IT OUT, and typed CAT.  She is blown away.  So with that she wants to start doing more CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) decoding on the keyboard.  We're fine with that.   

She said that they're no longer shadowing him in the hallway for tasks like going to get his backpack or going to the bathroom and he's doing fantastic with following those instructions without getting distracted. 

They are going to move him towards doing his school work on a netbook probably within the year.  
They were quite excited to hear that we are on the C-HCBS waiver waitlist and have been told we should be off of it in 4-6 months and will then have home based ST and OT maybe twice a week each.

At the end of our meeting, Dominic told us he wanted  puppies.  He took us (independently, after being told by his SPED to show us the puppies) to the other part of the school, to the sensory room. Went to the back shelves and got out 3 little stuffed puppies from a basket.  He took them over to a lego set and played with them for a few minutes.  It was really cute.

The growth he's made in the last 6 months is AMAZING.   I really credit the combination of the various therapies (CD and GCMAF and Cranial work)  we've been doing in opening up the pathways he needed to make this growth and am really anxious to do hard chamber HBOT.


because not everyone who reads this blog does facebook... here're some tidbits from this week that i had time to pop on facebook, but not enough time to craft a blog post around...

My status from last night:
Dominic was HILARIOUS at safeway. It was our second stop which was brave of me... and he loves those silly little $3 animals that you put in water and they grow that safeway hangs up randomly in the aisles. So we walk in and he says to me "FISH". I told him we had to shop first. and he's too big to fit in their carts so he had to walk along with me instead. so we got bananas and cilantro, and then headed down the distilled water aisle. At that point, he moved to the front of the cart (rule is he has to keep one hand on the cart at all times) and starting pulling the cart purposefully down every single aisle looking at all the hanging impulse buy stuff. The damned fish he wanted for about 2/3 of the store away. we were there longer than anticipated but it was so hilarious and cute that i went ahead and bought them for him.

A post I put on one of my Autism Mom groups on Tuesday: 
So guys... this morning I was delayed in getting dominic's breakfast ready. He came and got me, and said "MUSH, SAUSAGES, BREAKfAST", led me to the kitchen. I got the oatmeal (aka mush) down and started in the microwave, gave him his pre breakfast pills and DE/RP, got out his avocado and sausage, and pulled the mush out. HE then goit a napkin to cover his sausage, put it in the microwave and started it himself! Then handed me his avocado and said "CUT IT". And then he told me "RAISINS". For his mush. So dialed in, and wanting to help, and trying so hard to get the words out. Its really cool.

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