Sunday, October 13, 2013

This is more than an inchstone.

Maybe not a milestone, but its more than an inchstone.

Dominic has never gotten the hang of washing his hair independently - even with verbal cues, he just wasn't getting it.  He's 8.  We've done it for him for years.  no big deal.

Thursday night, I said to Dominic while he was in the tub "Hey, lets wash your hair".  He said to me "Soap".

Um okay. (we keep the soap on the sink because its amazing homemade allergy free soap from here and I don't want him melting it away in the tub playing with it).

I handed him the soap.

He dumped a cup of water over his head, soaped his hair up and handed me back the bar of soap.

I figured it was a fluke until he did it again on Friday night.   Then last night, I wasn't even in the bathroom to have this conversation and he got out of the tub, got the soap, washed his hair, and then put the soap back. 

This is huge.

So... what do I think contributed to this sudden improvement in self help skills?

After my last post a friend on facebook made the obvious suggestion that Dominic was maybe craving oil since i was finding teethmarks in the butter (and he was snitching things like olives and  cooked bacon from the fridge).  It was kind of a duh moment.  We're doing all this work to help his brain make connections (ultrasound, gcmaf, etc),  and brains need fat to grow.  So i immediately went to Costco and bought 2 giant bags of avocados (which had to ripen, of course) and pulled down the bottle of MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides made from Coconut oil) that we've had floating around in our cabinet since our DAN days.   I started megadosing the MCT - an ounce 2x a day, while the avocados ripened.  Thursday morning, the avocados were ripe, so we added a whole avocado to his breakfast and kept the ounce of MCT at night.

Also... we're a week into the transcranial ultrasound every day...

And, on Tuesday we added a brain support energy patch that our Chiropractor can get (unfortunately i cannot link them because they're for sale to doc's only).  We've used patches from this company before but this is the first time we've used this particular one. 

So I'm guessing all three of those had a hand in it.  Its going to be interesting to see what else shifts over the next couple of weeks.

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