Monday, October 7, 2013

Steady sailing…

So yes, again, I haven’t put an update out on the blog in a week or so.  We are sailing pretty smoothly along right now.  Of note, and just to keep track…

Dominic’s seriously eating again.  His cravings seem to go in phases, but we are definitely to a phase where he wants to eat things he shouldn’t. I found tooth marks in the butter the other day, for example.  We have now moved all non-acceptable food out to the garage fridge that he cannot get to for the duration of this phase...   He also picked the bacon off a dish in the fridge, ate all the raisins in the open bag in the cubbard (found that one this morning), and the remainder of a can of black olives that was in the fridge.  I swear, we feed him regularly.

We are playing around with adding in Mebendazole at the New moon this cycle – and he had the easiest weekend he’s had in weeks.   I think we’ll do it again next month.    We also have added in Cloves and Ginger (encapsulated) as they are potent antiparasitics.  We will pulse them a day or two a week just to mix things up.

We’ve been keeping an eye on cutting edge research on GCMAF (the immune system repairing formula out of Europe that Dominic has been on since March), and one of the things that came out of a recent conference in Puerto Rico with Dr Ruggerio is that he is seeing great synergies with transcranial ultrasound in combination with GCMAF.  Our Chiropractor is a cranialist and watched his instructional videos about this last week.  The basic idea is the ultrasound will open pathways in the brain that the GCMAF can then work through… As of yesterday, we’ve added transcranial ultrasound, daily, 60 seconds per side of the head,  to Dominic’s protocol.    The first time we did it, 20 seconds into the treatment, he spontaneously said “Wow”, so something is definitely happening there.   Our Chiropractor believes that transcranial ultrasound is going to be a missing piece for all ASD kids, with or without the GCMAF and she is tremendously excited.

Dominic has also this week started sitting still in my lap and letting me do Reiki on him which is an exciting development, as he hasn’t for YEARS allowed this. We’re doing about 20 minute a day, focused on his brain, liver, and intestines.  The  downside is that now he and the dog RACE to see who can get in my lap first as soon as I sit down in the living room.

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