Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 10 - our Trip home

I was WAY too fried last night to get this posted,  but better late than never

Our day yesterday started with a freak out on my part.  If you all remember WAY back when Dominic regressed, his regression trigger was the influenza virus.  Over the years, sometimes viruses have made him regress further and we've done every antiviral protocol in the book.    One of the things Kerri had mentioned in passing is that one of the children she works with detoxed out H1N1 in bubbles on her skin - blisters, as die off.   I didn't think anything of it. Until I saw this on his chin.

I am so glad I got a picture of it becuase it was gone after i got out of the shower. He'd rubbed it off.  He's got a little flat rash now there, but no more blisters.  Viral Die Off after 9 rounds of HBOT!!!  AMAZING.  To say that i'm beside myself giddy would be an understatement.

After an early breakfast and HBOT at 8am (which he absolutely freaked out about because he wanted to go get on the airplane to come home to Daddy), we got a ride to the Airport from Kerri's husband, Memo, who was kind enough to hang out with us for a while:

Dominic was starving, so I got him a snack.  Only think i could think of that would be diet appropriate - a naked grilled chicken breast.  That and 2 bottles of water cost us $25 us.  I hate airport restaurants.

By this point, I was fried.

The airplane ride back was uneventful and we got picked up by Daddy at the Airport.  We stopped at an Outback in Castle Rock on the way home for dinner.  Dominic ate a 5 chicken wings (specially prepared without any breading to be gluten free), a chicken breast,. a pile of broccoli, half of my sauteed mushrooms and 2/3 of Daddy's Ribeye and a good 5 bites of mine (we had no red meat while we were in PV.  Apparently he missed it)

I have de-carbed my pantry and fridge this morning and will be setting about making a menu plan for the next week - I am blown away at how calm Dominic is and i've dropped a good amount of weight based upon how my clothes are fitting, so we are staying on the Rosedale diet, and dragging the rest of the household along with us. (Short version - its high fat - coconut oil specifically, moderate protein - 50g a day - and fibrous veggies.  No grains/starches / fruits.)

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