Monday, January 27, 2014

Play! Chatter!


HEre's the email that I got from Dominic today (cued by school folks)

Dear Mom,

I like Mexico.  Today I said "it's a talking" 4 times, and "it's a rhino" 20 times.  I also said "never talk fish".

Love, Dominic

Here's what I sent back

Thats awesome!! You still cannot have a hamster named Rhino.   Sorry.

He was very chatty all afternoon.  We have some friends helping us redo the dining room and they (2 guys in their 20's) were over working and Dominic was PLAYING with them. I heard giggles from the dining room and thought, oh no we have yeast.  Nope.  One of our friends was pretending to sword fight and Dominic was jumping back and laughing, which made the friends laugh.  It was really funny.  It was interactive, spontaneous independent PLAY.

We're seeing a ton more independence too in all sorts of little things. Like getting his dinner plate and taking it to sit and eat as opposed to needing to be told 17 times to go sit down and eat with me handing him his plate.

This is so cool.

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