Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Light on Tummy"

One of the new things we've just added to Dominic's regime is infrared light therapy (this thing) on his tummy.  The idea here is two fold - first, it actually slightly heats the body up and when you get the body temperature over 99, it disrupts the parasite life cycle (eggs don't hatch), and second it improves circulation and reduces inflammation in the area that gets treated.  (the whole family is going to end up using this... it felt fabulous on my back when i tried it).


It arrived on Thursday, we set it up and jumped right in. I bought the bigger pad so that we could just strap it onto Dominic's whole belly and its perfect.  He didn't object to wearing it, so we did 15 minutes on Thursday.  Last night, he ASKED for it.  He said "want light on tummy".  So we put it on. 

The most interesting thing happened.

After we took it off, he went into full on die off mode:  Eyes dilated, non compliance through the roof, growling, and needing to move.   We know that parasites release, among other things, morphine and ammonia when they die, which explains the eyes dilating.    it ALSO explains why he tends to have dilated eyes after a hot bath.

So we are making progress!  today he's fantastic.  He let Daddy give him his GCMAF shot with minimal  complaining and we trimmed fingernails with no drama.   He's very calm.

Just another tool for the toolbox. :)


meanderwithme said...

Whoa! That is seriously cool.

Can I try it next time I come up? (I'm only sort of kidding.)

Joy Whitcomb said...