Sunday, January 19, 2014

PV Day 5

Today started with Dominic impressing Kerri by helping her scramble eggs for breakfast.  She broke the eggs into a bowl and he took each egg shell to the trash.    She was really impressed.

Then after HBOT, we did round 1 at the beach - I procured a shady umbrella from the nice guy renting space (and bargained for 2 days for the the price of 1... go me), and Dominic amused himself by chasing sea gulls for awhile. 

He and this little boy played nicely together for about 20 minutes.  I was very pleased.

 Then after some lunch and general silliness while we passed the heat of the day in our room...

 we went back for another hour on the beach at sunset:

apparently, Sundays are the day to go to the beach in Puerto Vallerta.  There were more people down there tonight than any other time since we've been there.

I have now had people attempt to sell me the following on the beach every day that we've been there...  brilliant business move, how come we don't do it in the US?
Shade (which yes, i have bought every day and will continue to. for 50-100 pesos, depnding on which vendor i used, i got an umbrella for the time we were there.  i love the beach under an umbrella)
Food (shrimp on a stick, fruit, jicama/cucumber, chips)
Clothing (i admit i bought a cute purple sundress)
Jewelry (and a beautifully set piece of amber)
Ceramic skulls
Tattoos (!)
Braids for my hair
scarves (yes, got one of these too)
Whale watching boat ride

There was  afull mariachi band playing at the hotel next door today.  All afternoon. I thought my AC unit was making REALLY weird noises, and went downstairs to ask about it... to be told "eh, its Mexico, they play all the time". 

On  a slightly different note, I've had a lot of people ask why we are doing HBOT here and not at home... and the answer is that the only hard chambers in Colorado Springs are at the hospitals and are only available for a certain list of diagnoses, and considered experimental for others - so insurance won't pay for it and the hospital doesn't even want to talk to us.  The closest HBOT to our home that we could actually use is ~2 hour drive each way.  I would be insane if i drove 4 hours a day for 10 days through Denver traffic each way, so we knew we'd have to travel.  In January, I wanted to come to Mexico instead of, say, Detroit.  There is nothing magic about the particular HBOT machine we are using - any hard chamber (1.75 ata's) with the protocol detailed in Healing the Symptoms known as Autism should work fine. 

We are amping the HBOT up by being on a Ketogenic diet while here (so high fat, moderate protein, tons of veggies - no starch, no grain, no dairy, no fruit), which i believe we will keep Dominic on when we get home (i'm dong great on it too which is trippy).  We also have had our chiropractor, who does long distance work (energetic cranial adjustments) working on Dominic every day at the time he is in the chamber.  Well, almost every day - today she pulled a fast one and didn't work on him - waited for me to tell her how the day was before she told me she didn't... and he wasn't nearly as calm as the last couple of days. So that remote work is helping as well.

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