Saturday, March 1, 2014

On waitlists and Services

You all know about how we waited 5 years for the CES waiver (which would've been ABA therapy, OT, ST, Medicaid, PT), only to be denied because Dominic wasn't behavioral enough last summer, and how difficult it was to go back through the evaluation process for another waiver.  I cannot remember if I told you all we ended up on the TRE family support program in the early fall.    They have a small budget and cover random things.  For example, they cover parent education - we agreed in the fall that they would pay for my flight and hotel to an Autism conference in May.

So couple of things have happened in the last week.  First, when we had our annual Family services check in (which they like to do on or around kids birthdays), Dominic's case manager told me that they'd had a surplus in their budget and we could make a second request for something this year.  Rod and I talked about it and I figured the only answer to the unasked question is No, so I asked them to pay for some or all of Dominic's attendance at the YMCA summer camp that he had such a good time at last year.  The decision came back yesterday and they are covering all 12 weeks.  Color me shocked.

Earlier this week, I checked in with the NTSOC folks to see where Dominic is on the C-HCBS waiver waitlist - the second one we applied for.   Our case manager there expects him to be in the next round that opens up, probably within 2-3 months. Which means we could get him private ST and OT again which he hasn't had since the insurance cut him off from services the day he turned 7.  Its not a done deal, he does still have to undergo a formal evaluation to get into the program, but in the fall the case manager (who we really liked) told us that wouldn't be a problem.   Among other things, we are going to be looking for an OT that does therapeutic riding for part of his OT.  Also on the list are tying shoes, cutting meat, writing, brushing his teeth and whatever else we can think of.  The exciting part of maybe being able to do speech therapy is he's actually to the point now where we think he wants to speak clearly where when we were in speech years ago he could've cared less.  He also would get medicaid as a secondary insurance so we wouldn't have to worry about copays and deductibles for Dominic anymore - which would be a relief.

Random pictures from Wednesday which was HAT day at school.  He really likes the hat.  He slept with it 2 nights in a row.

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