Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Autism Action! What you can do

April is Autism Awareness month.  I think that by now if you're in my life, you're plenty AWARE already, so around here we are going to celebrate Autism ACTION month.

1.  We will not be lighitng up ANYTHING Blue.  Autism Speaks does not speak for us. Go back to last years post as to why I personally will never support them.  

2.  Just Launched is an effort that I am going to find a way to be a part of - The Thinking Moms Revolution has launched Team TMR. I know these ladies.  They are *my people*

3.  Presuming we are all healthy - we will be walking Alpine Autism Center's 5K in a few weeks and we have the last few years.  If you are thusly inclined to sponsor us, you can do that here.  Alpine does good work with our kids.   If you are local, sign up to come down and walk. Its great fun.

But the biggest thing you can do - you can do at a personal level. FIND a family with Autism, and offer to make them dinner... babysit the kids so Mom and Dad can have a date...  interact with them because I guarantee you they are isolated by the diagnosis and whirlwind of therapies and treatment and would LOVE to be reminded that people outside the Autism world still care about them.   And understand that in the chaos of their lives they are clinging to lifelines like the one you throw them - even if it seems like they are very focused on the crazy that is their life - you make a huge difference.


As is my pattern, I'm hoping to get regular posts out to you this month.  I have lots of adorable Dominic progress to tell you about and pictures to share, but March kind of disappeared on me.

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