Saturday, April 26, 2014

Autism Awareness walk 2014 - with pictures! part 1 - before the walk.

I'm breaking the walk day post into 2 because there's a lot of great pictures and I don't want to completely overload everyone's bandwidth...

Getting ready!

Both so excited to go this morning.  Shanti started whimpering with excitement as soon as we got up this morning and Dominic got his shoes and was ready to go walkies before I even had breakfast together.

Remember the Armadillo?  No issues this year with large stuffed people.  

 There was a SkySox mascot too and Dominic had a fabulous time interacting with him.  We got a lot of comments on Shanti's mohawk, and on how good Shanti is with Dominic.  Shanti is service animal good.  It amazes people. 

Getting ready for the kids race.  Last year, he ran with Daddy.  This year, tho, he did the WHOLE thing by himself with NO prompting. And had fun.  

Here he is at the end of the Kids race

And here is he sitting down with Shanti after the kids race but before the actual walk started.

Overall, zero stress with the crowd, he listened to directions really well and stayed within eyeline of us.  Its really nice to not have to have a hand on him the whole time we are out in a crowd like that.  Further - i took him to the bathroom before the race started and he didn't want to go in the ladies room, so he WAITED right where i told him to while I went and then he went in the mens room.  Seriously - it was one of those "okay we'll give it a try because there're lots of people we know milling about moments", I came out and found him sitting right under the water fountain I told him to wait at. 

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