Friday, April 25, 2014

Best intentions and all that....

Yeah, so much for blogging regularly in April.  Its been.. busy.

Dominic is doing well. Its been a weird month - Daddy is recovering from his car accident last month and Dominic has been more emotional since then.  We are working hard on reassuring him that everything and everyone is going to be just fine.  Its interesting to see how connected he is to the energies in the house.  No shock there...

We have also had our resurgence of spring allergies which always means some non compliance.  Generally MArch and April are difficult months for us.  Hopefully May will bring some allergy stability.    On the bright side, he's been spending HOURS outside independently doing typical little boy things like climbing anything climbable, running, playing with cars in the grass, and generally having a fantastic time. 

That said, we're seeing some interesting progress...

Last night, Dominic didn't want to go to bed at bedtime.  He dawdled in his bath, he had to kiss everyone mulitple times before bed, and then as a last ditch effort he looked at me and said "Trim Nails???".

yes, you read that right.  The child who for YEARS cried and screamed (and hit and bit and kicked) when it was time to trim his fingernails ASKED for it. ASKED.   And he did a super typical thing of trying to delay bedtime.  So cute.

Then... this morning I was in the bathroom getting ready for work (our bathroom is one that has access from both our bedroom and Dominic's) and he knocked on the door, waited for me to say "come in" and then came in.  I believe that this is the first time in his life that he has knocked first instead of just walking in.  Floored me.

Tomorrow we are walking in the Alpine Autism Center 5K. It will be our 5th year to walk with them and the whole family, dog included, will be walking. I'm sure i'll post pictures at some point over the weekend. 

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