Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Protocol Tweaks...

So we are always tweaking Dominics extra supplementation around here, based upon both kinetic muscle testing and known postive therapies that we rotate through.  The constants remain the CD and parasite protocol, EFA's, Vit D and Gaba, but most everything else we are fairly constantly playing with.

Most recently, we have had a yeast flare and none of my usual tricks were working.  So we added in Candex and Lactic Acid Yeast this weekend. Lactic Acid yeast actually has a  little casien in it because its made with whey, so we've never tried it, but the way it works is by devouring candida.  (as opposed to killing it and letting it release its chemicals in die off).  Then the lactic acid yeast doesn't actually populate in the gut.   We are just really tired of yeast, so we are knowingly breaking the GFCFSF supplement rules and trying this to see what happens.

We also recently added back in Quercitin, which is something thats helped in the past for spring time allergies.  This is on a suspicion that some of the non compliance lately is due to spring allergy headaches.

Sunday morning, at breakfast, Dominic spontaneously looked at me, and said "I want a piece of bacon please".  The whole 7 word, clearly enunciated sentence.  not just "wa bacon".  I about fell off my chair.   Then, one of Rod's friends came over and Dominic looked at him and said "Good Morning, Zach" with no prompting.

Its a nice thing when the tweaks get fairly instant positive response

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