Monday, April 28, 2014

The hard stuff...

right, so April. Autism Awareness month.  I haven't been blogging, but I've been reading.

The CDC says autism is 1 in 68... and of that 1 in 42 are boys.  Those're old numbers too - i believe thats still the kids who are 10 and up.  Dominic's not even counted yet.

The press is on their pro vaccination push, again.  Its tiresome.  Doesn't the rest of the world wonder why the pharmaceutical industry needs legislation protecting them from lawsuits in the case of vaccine injury if vaccines don't injure kids?    I saw a stat somewhere recently that only about half of Americans believe childhood vaccinations are safe and effective.  Even the scientists who made the vaccines are saying that the industry lied about their effectiveness

Smart people who write about are getting threatened.

In the meantime, back in the trenches...
Special ed teachers are abusing our kids

parents are killing their children and themselves because they cannot get services or help and simply cannot manage the day to day aggression found in older teenagers with Autism.

When are we, as a society,  going to realize that we have a true crisis on our hands.  When 1 in 68 adults requires a group home, help toileting, SSI Disability because they are not capable of work?  will that do it?  Or will it have to wait for it to be 1 in 10??? 

When are parents going to realize its not normal or okay to celebrate a child that is in so much physical pain they injure themselves daily, smear their feces, break windows/doors because they have no outlet, are so infested with pathogens that they eat clothing, dirt, dog food...  So damaged by gmo's / vaccine additivs / whatever that they cannot speak, in some cases cannot walk???  Why are we celebrating being aware of this?? We should be shaking in our boots for what is coming.

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