Monday, May 19, 2014

Its the End of 3rd grade....

And I had my annual end of the year touch point meeting with Domninic's SPED teacher and Speech therapist. 

Dominic was in the classroom and sat beside me quietly playing angry birds (star wars edition) on my iphone for the entire 45 minutes of our meeting.  His teachers were very impressed - with the calmness and the focus.  They'd never seen him sit still for so long, so now they know he can.    They also were *floored* when i told him it was time to go, could he please give me back my phone - and he DID with no drama.   Our SPED teacher is astonished.

So, highlights -  His best academic year yet.  Most of the improvements have come since we got back from our HBOT trip on January.  He can rote count and gets the concept of quantity.  He really enjoys ST Math (and i'm not precisely sure what that is to be honest)   He can, when asked to spell a simple CVC word (like Man, or Cat) spell it from a verbal command.  He has memorized a list of sight words (which they will be sending home with me so we can make sure he doesn't lose that practice over the summer).   He can answer questions when he wants.  He has grown infinitely more independent - they no longer shadow him when he goes to other rooms in the school or to get his backpack or at recess (which makes me heart clutch a little bit, but he has had zero incidences of elopement this year so maybe we're past that).  He goes to specials now without a shadow. 

We got to meet next year's academic teacher - so he will be in her room about 70% of the time, with an aide in the room if needed.  She's got a SPED background and is totally on board with Dominic being in her class. He's going to do well in there. 

We talked about some of his challenges with speaking longer sentances perhaps being related to his lung capacity - as in he doesn't seem to push out a lot of air with each breath.  It came up in context of music in the fifth grade being an instrument - the recorder - and his ST doesn't think he's got the airflow to sustain it.  So thats interesting and i think I need to buy him a harmonica or kazoo or something (much to my chagrin).  And start practicing sustained blowing.    Alternative suggestions GLADLY accepted.

For the summer, we are to practice games that require turn taking like candy land.  And maybe memory.   We are also to count anywhere we can count, and work on his reading sight words.  And probably spelling.

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