Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Evolution of a Revolution - From hope to healing

I hope its not too tacky to review a book that I wrote a chapter of, but I just finished reading it cover to cover and I have some things to say.

First - if you have an ereader, please buy it.   If you don't, I'll pester you next week when the hardback is launched.

A little over a year ago, I wrote this review of the original Thinking Moms Revolution book.   And now I'm part of the second generation of Thinking Moms - TeamTMR.  Here's whats remarkable to me on so many levels - there are parts of ALL of our stories that are the same

- Our kids were fine, then they weren't.
- Doctors gave no hope with diagnosis and instead suggested that our kids couldn't recover
- We lost hope, crashing into depression or PTSD, we felt alone.
- We spent every penny and then some that we have to get our kids better.
- We found hope in each other over the internet and in person as we heard each others stories and realized that we are walking this path together.


I have no idea how long it will take the rest of the world to realize that we all share a common theme - our kids were INJURED by their vaccines, by toxins in the environment, by interventions when we were pregnant.   And Injuries CAN BE HEALED.

So this book - it will help you realize you're not alone.  It will, like its predecessor, put steel in your spine.  It will be company on your darkest night.  And it will, hopefully, empower you to tell YOUR story.   They cannot silence us all. It may be as simple as sharing with that other mom at speech therapy that your child is getting well.   Or your pregnant neighbor wondering if she should get a rhogam shot.  But they cannot keep us from telling our stories.

Here is a quote from my chapter in The Evolution of a Revolution:


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