Friday, December 19, 2014

Puppy Countdown and general updates

I promise I'm not neglecting the blog like I did this summer...

We go pick up Kama (our new puppy) on Sunday morning. Dominic is ridiculously excited.  He knows Kama's name already, knows that Kama will be sleeping with him (our plan is to put Kama in Dominic's bed when Dominic goes down for the night, then pull him out with us when we go to bed and we'll get up to let him out during the night until he's mature enough to hold it all night).   One of my favorite programs that his elementary school does is a holiday shop - we send in money and he buys us presents which come home wrapped.   This year he brought home wrapped gifts for Mommy, Daddy, and Puppy.   Nothing for Shanti...

Today is his last day of school before the break.  Over break we are going to be ramping up on a new supplement that I'm really excited about.  A Number of my fellow warrior moms are seeing incredible results from broccoli sprouts, of all things.  We're talking entirely non verbal kids spitting out a full sentence out of the blue kind of incredible results.  So, as always every kid is different but if  I don't try this I'll wonder later if I should have. 

We had our regular IEP earlier this week.  Nothing signficant has shifted - he still has basically 100% of his day with an adult supporter.  They are still struggling to teach him handwriting and want to move him to a keyboard (i'm not enamored with this idea, so our private OT will be working hard to help).  Next year we will have 2 IEP's - one early in the fall and one near the end of the year that will transition him to middle school (I know, right).

We have gotten Dominic a Wii for his big gift this year.  (The puppy was a spontaneous thing, but the Wii we planned).  We are excited to see how he does with it - he plays with the one at the gym daycare so we know he's familiar.  Neither of us is a gamer at all, tho, so won't be much help for him.   Having to do it himself hasn't slowed him down with Angry Birds so we think it'll be fine.

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