Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Stories :)

These funny little moments keep happening and I keep meaning to write them all down... here you go...


Frozen is his new absolute favorite movie.

Dominic is in LOVE with Elsa, Anna, and Sven from Frozen.  He could care less about Olaf.   I caught it on the DVR a few weeks ago and he's been watching it every morning before school while I work out.   He hasn't figured out how to sing yet at all, but when "Let it go" comes on, he sure tries.  He sort of squeals and makes the same physical body gestures Elsa does.  Its ridiculously cute.
Yesterday we were at Costco and he insisted on getting the DVD.  He has been watching it since. (minus sleep).  Very happily.

Last weekend at Lowes, Dominic found a Frozen night light. that projects Anna and Elsa onto the ceiling. We came home, I showed him how to use it and the next thing I knew he was naked and in the tub hurrying up bedtime.  Every night since, i've had to go turn it off after he fell asleep because he really likes Anna and Elsa watching him while he falls asleep (which i find kind of creepy just for the record...)

Yes he is getting some Frozen themed presents this year...

Words are coming easier.
We have his IEP tomorrow afternoon and as such i've been in contact with his SPED teacher and his speech therapist in the last week.  The ST is  new this year, she came out of retirement after the ST who had been there since kindegarten left.   She told me "I was told the beginning of this year that he simply doesn't use language.  Thats not true at all"  and that in just the few months she's been working with him she has seen a huge shift from language only as completely functional to starting to be conversational.  He is still working hard to get the right words for the right situation...  for example...

The other night I had fed him dinner (bacon wrapped chicken breasts and peas) and was in another room finishing up my work for the day.  I heard the plate hit the sink (he is so good about putting it in the sink after eatingt) and he came flying into the office - and with great gusto he said "EW! YUCK!!!" and i looked at him... and then he kind of shook his head and said "Good, Yummy!!".  it was very cute and really funny


Yesterday we went to lunch and took 2 different cars as Daddy was going to work after and Dominic and I were going grocery shopping.  As such, Daddy blazed past us and managed to turn on a left turn green arrow that I got stuck at.   Dominic was VERY upset about this and until the light changed and I could go again I heard, "DADDY!!!!  Mommy, GO GO GO!!! "  over and over from the backseat. 


We are excited that Kama will come home next weekend and have decided to plan a whole celebration day on the Solstice as a result. :)  Sunny side up eggs, anyone?   Dominic very much remembers still that the puppy's name is Kama which is adorable.

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