Saturday, February 14, 2015

A simple question

Why is it that I, as a parent, can spend $99 on a genetic test that will tell me what genetic mutations my child has, which if expressed (always an if), could cause the inability of my child to appropriately detoxify environmental assaults but we don’t screen for these at birth with the foot prick test?

We have zero studies showing which mutations mean a child is more likely to have a vaccine reaction.  So we’d have to, as a culture, admit that there is a subset of children who have a chance to have a negative vaccine reaction.  This is a cultural problem.  The media is going bonkers trying to convince the country that Vaccines Are Safe.  Good luck there, too many of us now have had the same thing happen, and too many other parents have watched it happen to our kids.  They cannot shut us all up.  And they cannot deny something that seems to be happening at an accelerating rate.

So – a first step would be a large genetic mapping of autistic children to see what mitochondrial issues they have.

Then, doctors have to be retrained to screen patients.  This seems simple, but I think its really not.  I do not know a single person who goes into medicine who does not on some level want to heal people.   That’s the motivation.  So what happens to these healers if they admit that they were doing something so damaging to a potential segment of the population.   I envision heads imploding.  The guilt alone would be crippling on a personal level to true healers who meant it when they swore to first do no harm.  I really think this is why as a whole doctors insist vaccines are The Way – because if its not, they’re going to have a really hard time sleeping at night.

The CDC then has to be transparent.  They have to publish those conclusions that they’ve buried about potential timing issues.  They have to acknowledge that one of their primary researchers in the field, Paul Thorsson, is fugitive in the US.  They have to get out of bed with the pharmaceutical industry.

Congress needs to repeal the law that gives the pharmaceutical industry a free pass.  The 1986 VICP law states that vaccine manufacturers cannot be held financially liable for injuries from their products.   There’s no accountability, only a big giant wallet for us to fill.    If they were held accountable, perhaps they’d do better testing up front. Imagine that.

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