Monday, February 16, 2015

When you have a baby....

When you have a baby, you are full of excitement and hope. You - at least I didn't - don't worry about the advice you get from doctors being negative.  You expect everyone to be full of that same excitement for you.

This last week, the Colorado Springs Autism community lost a very special young man.  Whose mother was one of the first ones to help us when Dominic regressed.  He and his brother are the reason that Alpine Autism Center exists.   He regressed at 15 months into Autism following his vaccines, and developed seizures with puberty as 25% of autistic children do.  He died from seizure complications a week ago.   His mom is my hero -she spent his entire life trying anything and everything to help him, and I am heartbroken for her.

When you have a baby, you celebrate new life and look forward to milestones.  You expect big and amazing things.  You wonder at the awe of the baby rolling over.  Taking first steps.  Smiling.

This morning, I put this post in a group on facebook. Dominic is 10.  These are the inchstones that we have fought tooth and nail to get
"So... D doesn't have school today and I'm attempting to work from home. I brought his clothes up to where he was watching Dora for 98 millionth time, told him to get dressed, then went in my office and started work. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him, fully dressed in clothing OTHER than what I brought him LOOKING IN THE MIRROR AND BRUSHING HIS HAIR!!!!! spontaneously and independently. Holy wow!"

When you have a baby, you happily take on the responsibility of taking care of them - making sure they have what they need.  You don't think about the services that child will need if/when they are vaccine injured, and how much of a pain those services are to maintain. 

In the last week, we've had to go through certification renewals for 2 of those services.  Piles of paperwork and signatures and spending FAR too much time focusing on the negatives.  So that we can keep him enrolled in the programs that pay for his therapies.

When you send a child to school, any child... you believe that School will keep them safe.  I have no words to describe this, other than if it were Dominic, I would be in jail.

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