Thursday, March 26, 2015

Colors inside the lines

We just came from an awesome OT session. First of all, He's sitting for the entire session now, self regulating with a visual stim object of a water bottle that has glitter in it.  it sits beside him at the table and when he needs to he turns it over.  Must remember to tell school.

Today he did this.  All by himself.  He matched the colors to the numbers and then COLORED INSIDE THE LINES.  The control and precision is so awesome, and our nemesis - the pressure - is appropriate.  Even our OT (Hi!!! I know you're reading this) is super impressed with the results since we started the ioncleanse by amd footbaths.  I offered to bring it with us next time and see how he did doing OT while cleansing. That would be interesting.   They have a soft chamber HBOT (but they don't use it with a mask so probably not terribly effective - just room air under pressure) that they do some OT in, so they are open to these sorts of things. 

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