Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What the???

Random Cool moments:
Documenting them - its kind of surreal but at the moment it feels like bragging because we're seeing this stuff EVERY single day.

While I was working in my garden on Monday, Dominic asked me for 2 worms.  He proceeded to take those two worms to the deck, where he had filled the outside dog water bowl with water, and amused himself for a solid hour.  When I checked on him, he had 2 little scrap pieces of wood in the water bowl, and had the worms "riding boats"


Out of the blue, Dominic spontaenously traced the shape of a picture on our wall and said "Square".  Then he went to the clock, traced it with his finger and said "Circle".  Then I asked him to draw me a triangle and a star and he did both.

Dominic got a haircut this morning.  About three minutes in, he told Daddy he had to pee. And then proceeded to apologize profusely to the stylist for having to go.  Rod said he kept saying "Sorry" which just melted his hair stylist.

Doesn't he look handsome?

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