Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Anna!!! Elsa!!!!

Dominic has a fixation for the Disney cartoon Frozen.  He has Frozen themed sheets, pj's, toys, night light, etc.   He hasn't actually watched the movie itself in a while, tho.

So I have been home sick with a rough case of the flu the last few days and Daddy and I have been binge-watching the entire season of Once Upon a Time that we had on the DVR, unviewed since Daddy's heart attack in September.  This season heavily featured Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Only not animated, as real people.

So yesterday after school Dominic evicted us from the sofa so he could play his wii, and we watched OUAT in our bedroom.  He came in, got the most intrigued look on his face and said "Elsa!!! Anna" and Daddy and I exchanged shocked looks.  he generalized the outfits from cartoons to live bodies.  From the movie scenes to totally different - it was very cool.

It is increasingly apparent that his receptive language is growing in leaps and bounds.  I'm excited for the expressive to come as well.

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Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys. We just started with our own IonCleanse. We are keeping fingers crossed. Please continue to post about your journey. Our boys are only about 2 weeks apart in age. Way to go Dominic!!