Thursday, March 19, 2015


Today is a rainy, gloomy day.  My Daffodils wanted to open but need just a smidge  more sunshine first...


I've been recovering from the flu and never have been so glad to have my Essential oils. I've been able to cut WAY back on the toxic medications this time.  I've done a ton of RC on my sinuses (opens them right up), Raven on my chest to soothe my cough and immupower on my feet and diffused in the bedroom.  Thusfar, Rod has not come down with this and I hope he doesn't.  Its a particularly nasty version.  I've also been cleansing using our IonCleanse by AMD footbath every day (instead of every other, which is protocol) and i get a few hours of relief just from the footbath.   I will never be without one of these machines.  There's a great interview over that The Thinking Moms Revolution today about why they work and why brand matters with my friend Tyler.  


The puppy is growing like Mad.  I have to start buying dog food in larger bags or something....


If you haven't been paying attention - 36 states now have legislation either attempted or pending to curtail parents choices regarding vaccines.  Everyone of them has failed thus far.  Its like it was choreographed along with "mickeymousemeaslesgate" and "ebolagate" which were supposed to terrify us into compliance.  Has everyone over the age of 55 forgotten that measles is just a rash and a fever most of the time?   Bobby Kennedy is busting tail to make sure law makers actually have the real information in front of them before curtailing liberty.  He's going to be a busy man. Yesterday in Illinois, he said "Don't put boots on the necks of these parents! They will kick you back! Just wait!"


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