Friday, March 20, 2015

IEP progress report

IEP progress reports have never been fun to receive for me because its like things just go TOO slow - Dominic hasn't actually achieved one of his IEP goals ever.  Some of that is the goals were unreasonable, but most of that just plain because he hasn't had the cognition to develop academically.

So it was with GREAT trepidation that I opened the IEP progress reports which came home today.

Remember... While we cycled in few things, the only "new" intervention that we have left in place since January is the IonCleanse by AMD footbaths.  All other "new" stuff we tried and set aside.  We also stopped the Cd protocol and all related parasite protocols in early February after 2 1/2 years on them. 

For his speech goal of "Dominic will answer questions about who, what, and where using 2-4 word phrases /sentences in 4/5 attempts, using adjectives 25% of the time in simple social situations in three consecutive charting opportunities" - the data is as follows:

Dec 15 Baseline: 0 / 5
Dec 19 charting: 1 / 5
March 13 charting:  4/5


He's also made nice progress on his math goal which was my suggestion - to teach him how to appropriately use a calculator - the first step was single digit addition, he mastered that in a month.  Then they moved on to multi digit adding which he amastered in a week, and then subtraction and now he's almost mastered mixed addition and subtraction of multidigit numbers (written form).

For Reading, his goal was "Dominic will decode cvc words with 80% accuracy in 4 of 5 trials.  His baseline on Jan 8 was 20% with just short a words.   by March 11, he was to 90% accuracy with short a and starting to mix in short I.

They are working on keyboarding as well (I get hilarious emails) and the goal there is "when given words / sentences either written or verally, Dominic will keyboard those with 70% accuracy in 4/5 trials".  The baseline was letters only as dictacted Jan 8 and he got a 60%.  Feb 18 he got 100% on letters and numbers 1-10 as dictacted, and they're working now on making that letters and numbers 1-20 which he is at 75%.

This to me completely reinforces what we've said - these IonCleanse by AMD footbaths are making an incredible difference in his awareness, cognition and healing.

Next week is spring break, and I think this boy has more than  earned  a trip to the zoo!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Such great news! Those foot baths are next on my list....

Julie said...

Thank you so much for documenting your journey! Who hooo! Yeah Dominic and yeah you- you super Warrior MOM!!!