Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Detox, Baby!

One of the first things I remember from those years of DAN appointments is the statement by the nutritionist that we needed to switch to non toxic household cleaners, especially for the Dishwasher since Dominic was the same height as the dishwasher exhaust vent.  At the time I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't wrap my head around what she had said.   I did however think it was ridiculous that she assumed my kid was snorting fumes from the dishwasher.  He wasn't.  We were way too supervisory to allow that.

We did eventually switch to using a steam mop for cleaning the floors, and Dr Bronners for cleaners, and handmade nontoxic soap made by a fellow Autism mom for Dominic.  And we buy as much organic as I can afford, use nontoxic self-care products,  and don't allow fertilizer my own worms didn't make on my lawn.   Its taken a lot of years to make this shift.

The IonCleanse by AMD footbaths we are doing with such amazing success actually work by opening a new detox pathway in the body - the skin.  They pull toxins out of the bottoms of our feet using electricity.   Sauna's would also detoxify the body as would salt baths. 

Supplements that support the body's detox mechanism (liver, kidneys, lymph) work differently - they don't open pathways, they tone current pathways.

The Thinking Moms Revolution has partnered with Platinum Sponsor IonCleanse by AMD and Gold Sponsor Bio-Botaical Research, Inc. to bring you an eConference entirely dedicated to Detoxification.  Tthis is a  DO NOT MISS event, regardless of your autism status.  Anyone living on the planet right now is a thousand times more toxic than our grandparents were for a plethora of reasons.   We will be talking about detox strategies for the whole family, the home, emotional detox and how to detox for pregnancy.

Read more about the awesome presenters and register here.

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