Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Kid is Hilarious

This morning when I went into Dominic's room to get him up (note I didn't say wake, because his light had been on for an unknown period of time), the conversation went like this

me:  'morning Dominic
Dominic: GOOD Morning
Dominic: GOOOOOOOD morning
Me:  Okay, Good morning, did you sleep good
Dominic:  Yes
Me: Did you have happy dreams
Dominic: Yes
Me:  What did you dream about
Dominic:  Yes

the Emphatic addition of GOOOOOD to the 'morning was hilarious, but whats a bigger thing is the lack of echolalia in answering me with a yes that he slept good.  In the past his usual response would be the echoic "good", not the affirmative yes.  So that's really nice to see.   Someday maybe he'll be able to describe dreams to me. That would be amazing.

Then when I asked him what he wanted for breakfast he said Juice (we juice fresh veggies every morning, and I'm glad he likes it so much),  and coleslaw.  And i'll be damned if he didn't eat coleslaw for breakfast along with his juice while entirely ignoring the sausage patty I also gave him.

Further - he has decided he will only bathe if the bathtub is spotless.  This has been an issue of late as white puppies + snowmelt = muddy puppies and Kama has been getting a lot of baths.  Dominic actually gets offended by specks of dirt in the tub.

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