Friday, March 13, 2015

Peeling the Onion!!!!

I feel like we are finally getting some nice momentum going with Dominic.  After years of "throw the dart and see if it works" protocols from both the DAN world and on my own, we have arrived here, at the cusp of a custom protocol tweaked for Dominic's specific genetic mutations.

Whoa Baby. Back that horse up.
Genetic Mutations
I thought you said there's no such thing as a genetic epidemic.

Genes are funny things.  Epigenetics in particular makes my head spin.  Its like this - there are genetic mutations that cause predispositions to many things.  Almost every medical event in fact, other than bacteria/viral infections can be granted a genetic "predisposition".  Does parkinsons run in your family?  Heart attack? Breast Cancer?  Diabetes?  Alcoholism and resulting cirrhosis of the liver?  All of those things have corresponding genetic mutations at the DNA and lower level

Just because there is a predisposition, doesn't mean that you are doomed to experience the medical event.   Genes are not necessarily all expressed.  Something environmental has to happen for them to be expressed.  Therefore by logic, something environmental can turn their expression off.  I am of the opinion that as we as a culture get sicker - we are mutating our own genes an passing that onto our offspring, who get sicker every generation.  We are de-evolving.   Epigetics is about how external events can change genes.  And I believe that the epigenetic changes to my body, for example, became solid genetic mutations in Dominic.   I've said for years that I believe the damage done to my generation by vaccines is coming out in our children.

We know in our case, having looked at Dominic's genetics, that just about any environmental assault would have tipped him into autism.   If it wasn't the MMR, and the Virus, it would've been the aluminum in the chemtrails, or the garbage in the GMO'd food.  In some ways, it makes me feel less guilty about ignoring the voice that said we shouldnt' vaccinate him. In others, more guilty that I gave him such a crappy set of genes.

So - here we are.

All those years and protocols and we have accomplished a TON

We have healed his leaky gut!
We have eradicated layers of pathogens
We have created a strong, new, open detox pathway using the IonCleanse by AMD
We have handled ALL his autistic behavioral traits and are left with speech.

Now we are ready to supplement the kreb cycle and give Dominic the specific support which, based upon his genetic composition, he needs.

The genetic tested we had done at
The interpretation and custom supplementation schedule we had done at

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Isabel said...

I want to thank you for helping all of us with this such important and life changing information!! God bless you and your beautiful child!