Friday, March 6, 2015

Documentable progress.

And this time I got it on video.  This is step one of the process.  Step two will turn the wooden shoe around and step three will be the shoe on his foot.  What is adorable is that his OT told me he went straight into the session, tied the shoe perfectly 3 times in a row and then got incredibly excited/proud of himself and gave high 5's!

Given  that various therapists have been trying to teach this child to tie his shoes for a solid 5 years, I'm very pleased.

So, while we were at speech and occupational therapy yesterday, I asked for impressions from both therapists regarding Dominic's progress towards goals Today compared to Mid December.

Speech said that in December he was hitting his goals she was working on about 50% of the time and today is hitting them about 75% of the time.  When i queried as to if that fell along expected rate progress lines, she said no that was faster than she expected.

Occupational told me that she just did his 6 month progress report today and he has achieved a number of milestones, specifically in the last month (including the shoe tying).   She is very impressed with his rate of progress compared to December.  Regarding handwriting, she said that his pressure has improved as has his letter spacing.

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