Thursday, March 5, 2015

this is the future.

and we aren't ready.

At the current exponential rate of growth, in ~20 years, 10% of young adults will have autism.  Some will be higher functioning that others, many will not.

They won't be paying taxes.  Your taxes will be paying for them.

They won't be serving in the military.  They will be permanently exempted due to disability.

They won't be driving.

They won't be taking care of their parents.  Their parents will be taking care of them until they cannot and then the state will.

They won't be having babies.

They won't be buying homes.

They might we working at a place that pays very minimally like Goodwill or the ARC.  There aren't going to be that many jobs for them though.  One parent in Florida had a great idea and the capital to make it happen. That won't be the norm.

If I won the lottery today, I would be buying land and creating a community much like the one the Autism Trust is building in Texas serve adults with autism who cannot live independently.

And those are the autistic children who live to be adults.  Who don't drown, freeze to death wandering, seize until they don't wake up, overdose on psych meds, are abused by medical centers, are killed by their own caregivers...

A few weeks ago, I sobbed my way through the memorial service of a 21 year old very loved and cherished autistic man in our local community who didn't come back from a grand mal seizure.   In a room full of mourners, what struck me as absolutely the saddest part of the service was that there were exactly 2 peers of his there.   The tragedy of that is incomprehensible.

This is the future.

Wake up.
Pay attention, this is going to get far worse before it gets better.

The time is long past for awareness and acceptance.  The time is for action. If this is genetic, which there is probably a component thereof, then DEMAND full genetic DNA screening of all newborns to check for mutations that indicate compromised ability to detoxify or mitochondrial disease before any environmental assault (including vaccines, vitamin K, and aluminum laden forumula).   If this is not genetic (of course its not, who ever heard of a genetic epidemic), then get on the phone with your legislator and demand that they do hearings immediately on the environmental causation.  Look at GMO's, look at the aluminum being sprayed into the air via chemtrails, looks at vaccines, look at processed food and Monsanto.  But for the sake of our society, LOOK.

And no, its not just better diagnosis, or a "fad".  When I was in high school there wasn't a single autistic child in special ed.  Downs Syndrome, spina bifida, sure.  But not autism.  Teenagers still in diapers, non verbal, stimming endlessly simply weren't there.. 

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