Monday, March 30, 2015

In Anticipation of April, a warning Rant

Do not tell me to light it up blue.
Do not send me memes about how autistic kids just want to be accepted
Do not ask me to give money to Autism Speaks (and for crying out loud don't make a donation to them in our name)
Do not tell me its time for acceptance.

Any of the above will result in me completely overloading you in information and data, and quite likely unfriending you.

I have work to do - We all have work to do.  I talk to moms every day who ask for help.  Its like a snowball that has picked up momentum.  You have no idea how many sick kids are out there whose parents are at their wits end.

I've spent the last few days writing all of the blogs that will publish over the course of April (I'm kind of excited about a campaign I'm a part of), and its stirred my passion right back up.  I am FIRED UP for Autism ACTION month.   Its been less cathartic and more firing up, actually. I expected it to be more cathartic.  I guess I'm not quite to the "let it go" stage.   Because there is much to be done.

What I am asking of you is this:

As you see the blogs that I post over the next month, please share them via any social media platform you are a part of. 

It is past time for action.  We as a society need to stop be complacent when it comes to environmental assaults on our fragile children - GMO's, chemtrails, vaccines, overused antibiotics, nutritionally void foods, chemically laden cleaning products... They've all got to go. And you can vote best with your wallet.

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