Sunday, March 29, 2015

IonCleanse by AMD - Month 3 Gains

If I thought that Months 1 and 2 were impressive, month three has blown them completely out of the water.  It feels like every single day there was something new or cool I needed to document in the blog.

While his atec hasn't budged  (all points remaining are in conversational speech), the gains that we've seen maturity and executive function are astonishing:
He babysat!
Tied shoes on video
Expressed preference to go on a field trip when asked
Generalized his cartoons to live bodies
He's been helping and wanting to help so much. The interaction makes my heart sing

I really am seeing a huge improvement in his receptive speech. Today when we went to the zoo, I intentionally made him say what each animal was doing, in this form "The Duck is Sleeping" and "The Giraffe is eating", and he repeated them all in sentence form for me.

I've heard 4 word sentences come out of his mouth, with no prompting.  Over spring break, I've watched him PLAY independently outside for hours on end -chasing and being chased by the puppy, jumping on the trampoline, running up the slide.  Amazing things that all require improved executive thinking. 

We have decided that its time to address the underlying genetics and we have an appointment with a naturopath who specializes in this stuff on Wednesday morning. I'm both nervous and excited. I have no desire to get sucked back into the test / supplement / test rat hole. We've been there and done that.  But I am entirely tired of throwing darts at things that helped other kids and then being disappointed when they don't help mine. So its time for some professional help interpreting his particular genetic mutations.

If you are on the fence about getting an IonCleanse by AMD, its time to get off the fence.  The fact that the company makes the unheard of in our world promise that if you don't get results in 60 days, you get every penny back means its Risk Free. (truth is nothing works for every child, which is why no one else makes this promise)  This thing is worth its weight in gold on a credit card.   If you tell them that Joy and Dominic sent you, we get a referral fee.  (posting for transparency).    I would be writing the same blogs raving about this without that tho, because its made that big of a difference for our health.  I was actually able to walk around the zoo today, in the sun, for 2 hours with no kidney strain headache / resulting queasies.  This is a major thing.


Glenn Wilhelm said...

Great update Joy! So happy to hear of Dominc's great gains.
Let me clarify one thing please. AMD does not provide "kickbacks". AMD does pay a referral fee to AMD customers who refers someone else that purchases an IonCleanse system. If a person takes the time and energy to share information about the IonCleanse system, AMD does reward that person with a referral fee. AMD is not a MLM (multi-level marketing) organization.

Glenn Wilhelm said...

A referral is ONLY paid if the person decides to keep the IonCleanse system after the 60-day, 100% money back guarantee period.