Sunday, March 29, 2015

Zoo fun!!!

We finally made it to the zoo today, and basically just followed Dominic.  I did try to get him to use his verbs with what each animal was doing, in sentance form, with moderate success.


First Stop - Feeding the giraffes.

Second stop - Lions

Gratuitous family selfie

Our View for the majority of the day. Boy knew WHERE he wanted to go.

He really would love it if we got chickens...

Watching the hippos sleep in the sun

Gorilla Cage


We are noticing an independence streak.  Which is a positive.
We are also noticing a weird tendency to pigeon toe his feet, which corresponds to dropping l-carnitine/l-carnosine from our regime.  Time will tell if this is a sensory thing that he's trying out or if its something we need to address.

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