Sunday, March 1, 2015

IonCleanse by AMD, Month 2 results

It has been a mind bogglingly amazing month around here with gains.

Here's what we are doing in addition to the IonCleanse by AMD. 

This month brought us all kinds of firsts, from seemingly tiny to huge.   He dropped another 3 points on the ATEC test, and is left with all of his remaining points in the Speech section.  We are ***this close***, people.

Our true firsts this month include:

Tying his shoes

Giving rasberries

Appropriate social interactions,
With peers

Spontaneously brushing his own hair

Navigating bedtime routine entirely independently


Allowing first aid (this is SO huge)

And a new one from last night that I haven't even blogged about yet.  As we were standing in the bathroom after his bath, in pj's, getting ready to brush his teeth, he pointed up at the hair dryer.  This is a child who historically has been so sensory overwhelmed by hair dryers - the sound, the feeling that he would cry hysterically.  So we just generally go to bed with wet hair.  I handed him the hair dryer and he dried his hair.  LIKE A BOSS.  it was NO Big Deal.  I had to tell him he was done.

Its been many years since I posted videos as frequently as I have been, and thats because they were too hard to watch.   Not so much anymore, because they're showing the exponential growth we are seeing and it is amazing.

We've been at this recovery game for a long time (I started this blog in 2008), and 2015 is the most exciting year yet. We are halfway through this IonClease by AMD protocol and we are so very pleased with the results.  We will be continuing with these footbaths after the official protocol ends.  They are awesome.

3 comments: said...

Wonderful! So good to hear about all his gains!

(We did the foot baths for our kids when they were little as well).

Isabel said...

Please tell me ore about the feet ion cleanse?
Anna Isabelle

Joy Whitcomb said...

WE love it. :)
you are welcome to contact and ask for Glenn - he can get all sorts of information for you