Thursday, April 16, 2015

Biomed / Holisitic Healing - Light it up True April 16

I remember when we came back from the Neurologist appointment and went to the pediatrician for the last appointment we ever had with him. I had that prescription pad note that said "Autistic Regression Syndrome".  I told the pediatrician we were going to see a DAN Doctor and his eyes rolled back in his head with so much verve that he looked like a slot machine.   He then proceeded to tell us that Gluten free diets were not shown to help anything except maybe Celiac disease and the only thing we could do was ABA therapy - but we'd never be able to afford it and insurance didn't cover it.

That was our last appointment. We never saw a reason to go back.

And - the gluten, casien, soy free diet has been our mainstay. Dominic has been on it now for almost 7 years. I can cook GFCFSF with my eyes closed.  Its so not a big deal. Of all the things we've done, its the least expensive and most controllable.  its such a hard thing for newly diagnosed parents to wrap their head around, expecially if they are convenience food types, but I promise it becomes simple.

And, by my own stubbornness, I did get insurance to cover some of the ABA therapy, and we had very generous angels who helped us along the way, we did a  lot of fundraising, and I learned to stretch a dollar until it begged for mercy.

The whole body approach - diet, treat/manage pathogens, appropriate nutritional supplements, detoxification protocols - that has been our life the last 7 years.  Dominic's not out of the woods yet - but we can see the edge of the trees.  I have been tempted many times to send a nasty letter to that pediatrician, but perhaps instead I'll send him the TeamTMR book. 

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