Tuesday, April 28, 2015

He's a Runner / Light it up TRUE April 28

When Dominic was in preschool, I remember the special ed teacher who did home visits describing him as a runner.  It was in his IEP for years that an adult had to be within 1 foot of him at all times.  Because he was a runner.

For the longest time, if you chased after him, he ran harder.  He thought it was a game.

It was only last year that school started allowing him to go for recess with his para inside watching from the window.  He still has para eyes on him at all times.

I remember one time at Alpine, another child eloped.  It took the therapists over 45 minutes to round that child up.  Things that  NT kids respond to - verbal commands specifically, autistic children do not respond to.  Its very scary.

Its been a long time since Dominic eloped.  We still take precautions. I'm not sure when we will stop those.

Which all reminds me, i need to chase down then gps device we are (still) waiting on. 

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