Monday, April 27, 2015

IonCleanse by AMD Month 4 results: AWESOME

.... which i'm posting early because I'm going to TACA in Philadelphia the end of the week and I wanted to sit and document this before I went.  Remember, we only just added in new supplements within the last week, so overall, our supplement regime has gone DOWN in the time that we've done footbaths.  We stopped the CD protocol and Endurocell protocols both during our time on footbaths.  The progress is AMAZING.

Month One Gains
Month Two Gains
Month Three Gains

While this blog has primarily been dedicated to the Autism Action series of memes, Light It up True, I've been keeping track of neat NEW things.

Temperature Sensitivity
The biggest new piece in Month 4 is that Dominic now has temperature sense.  What I mean by this is he's now telling me his bath is too hot, "mommy FIRE, need cold", or too cold.    He's 10 and this is the first time I've seen him express temperature awareness.  He's always been the kid who insisted on 100% hot water in the tub (we had to turn down the water heater ages ago because of this)

Bigger variety of appetite
My kid is a great eater.  Always has been.  Blows people away.  He's getting even better.  Here's an example - we went out to dinner last week and after eating his entree, Dominic reached over and slid his father's salad (yes, I said salad) over in front of him and started eating it.  The look on Rod's face was priceless.

Broader with affection
We have a friend who has babysat for Dominic since he was in diapers.  She's now in her mid-20's and just bought a house not far from us and stopped by just to say hi the other night right as I was putting Dominic down for bed.  He hadn't seen her since Christmastime. As I finished our bedtime routine,. he looked me right in the eye and said "want kiss Julie".  Needless to say, I sent her downstairs to tuck him in before she left.

Extremely well behaved in public
I cannot remember the last time he had a melt down.  We had out of town company the weekend of the 18th and went out to dinner with them.  My friend Robert remarked that "even for a kid with no challenges, he is amazingly well behaved in a restaurant".

Helping more
Helping cook, helping protect Shanti from the Big Oaf otherwise known as Kama the puppy,  helping put his backpack together for school.

This was a facebook post of mine on April 6, from when we had gone out to dinner.
"Dominic was trying to say something and we couldn't figure out what it was, so I handed him a crayon and he LEGIBLY wrote "Red Fish" on his menu. He was trying to say Red Fish. Blew my mind on a lot of levels."

He's retaining really cool information.
Remember the field trip he went on?  It was to a place several hours away called "Bent's Fort". 
This is the email that I got from his SPED teacher April 24:  "Today Dominic found Bent’s Fort in the history book and he said “Field Trip”. That was exciting because he was just leafing through the book on his own. He is enjoying spending time with his classmates. They’re doing a poetry book and he is fully participating. Ask him about Emily. He is writing his poems and is so proud and now they’re typing them. He is using his peers to model after and it’s so interesting"

Skill generalization
He took tying his shoes and turned it into tying a balloon around his MeatLug dragon after he watched the movie Up.  He was very disappointed when Meatlug didn't fly away.


And a followup on me.  I've been cleansing right along with Dominic.  Every year in April, we walk a 5K for Alpine Autism center.  Every year I end up getting overheated / kidney strain from the walk (exertion + sunshine = throwing up).  I didn't this year.  Not even a slight headache.  We even went to a baby shower an hour later.  amazes me.

Month 4 ends our participation in the study. I will be doing a final ATEC in a few days - while speech is slowly increasing, I'm not expecting any more points down.  We will be keeping the IonCleanse by AMD in our arsenal forever. I'm never going to be without it.

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