Monday, April 27, 2015

Elopement / Light it up TRUE April 27

When we did our initial intake interview for Dominic to get the Medicaid waiver that he currently has paying for his occupational and speech therapies, one of the questions that the nurse asked us was this:

If Dominic was lost in the grocery store could he give his name, his parents names, and a phone number to a stranger.
The answer then was no.
The answer is still no.

There's a reason why all our locks are keyed deadbolts, and why we keep them locked at all times (we are half a block away from a major city thoroughfare).  Remember when he opened the door for the fedex man a few years ago and scared us out of our minds?

And a reason why he is never permitted to be in the front yard unless we are transitioning from house to car or vice versa.

Why we don't ever allow him out more than about 10 feet away from us when we are places like the store or the zoo.   Why he qualifies for door to door bus service from the school district.

He would be unable to provide basic identifying information to a first responder.  He likely would be terrified by a first responder.

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