Friday, May 29, 2015

Transition weeks are rough

Not only did we have an immediate transition from school into camp (only day off was memorial day), we also started Gemiini this week. 

So we are now making Dominic do work on his ipad instead of using it for playing games.  And we figured out how to lock the screen so he cannot change it.  He is not amused. 

We've had a combination of new routine (that requires getting out of the house earlier), new people and expectations during the day, and a battle of wills regarding the ipad.

Not suprisingly, its been a difficult week.  We've seen noncompliance outbursts, stimming, and general crankiness.

Here's hoping next week is easier.

On the bright side, his end consonant articulation is already clearer after just 2 days on Gemiini. 

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