Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dominic Updates and other Ramblings

~ While I was gone at AutismOne this year, Daddy taught Dominic how to sort his laundry into the appropriate hamper.   (we have a lights bin and a darks bin.  and he GETS IT).  Next up, teaching him how to actually do Laundry.

~ Dominic has figured out how to facetime me from our ipad.  He did it half a dozen times by himself while I was in Chicago, and yesterday facetimed me (I was in the office at home) from the living room.   He points at the iPad and says "Mommy".  Its adorable.

~ We start Gemiini tomorrow.  I talked with their customer service manager for a solid 45 minutes while in Chicago and I'm so excited about the potential here. (hilariously, she offered me a job)  Gemiini repatterns the brain, and I believe we are to the point with Dominic's healing journey that he's ready for this step. 

~ Today is the first day of YMCA summer camp.  Dominic has always loved it and we are hoping that he has a stellar summer.

~  I have started myself on the MitoSynergy regime after meeting their CEO this weekend.  He was doing live blood cell analysis in his room (relax, there were four moms in there with him at the time) and I watched bacteria (probably Lyme disease, but they weren't wearing name tags, so who knows) swim out of my blood cells when they were exposed to the particular proper copper formula that is in the MitoSynergy products.  This means that odds are good Dominic also has lyme.   The regime is ridiculously expensive (I asked for and received a discount) so if its something I need to do for more than a month on myself or at all with Dominic, I'm trusting the universe to provide.

~ My biggest take away from the Autism One conference this year is that I need to take much better care of myself instead of putting all my energy into Dominic.   I don't know yet what that is going to look like, but I'm excited to have gotten the opportunity to receive 3 new-to-me  kinds of energy healings from 3 very amazing women and have a feeling that I'll be working with all three in the future.

~ And as further personal evidence that the footbaths are saving my life - due to a snafu I went through the security machine at Ohare twice on Sunday so got an extra dose of radiation on top of breathing really gross air for 5 days in Chicago.  Felt AWFUL on Monday.  did an hour long footbath,  got loads of heavy metals out and within an hour was feeling human again. 

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