Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Daring to Hope

A few years ago, a friend of mine said to me - "Can you imagine his first dance at school?" and I couldn't.   I have been so focused on the Right Now of getting Dominic the tools he needs to function now, that I haven't allowed myself the luxury of daydreaming about his future.   That's not my world.  The future doesn't exist - we have only today.

Last Friday, a note came home from school that because Dominic had zero disciplinary referrals this year he had a golden ticket to the annual Sock hop, which is being held tomorrow night.   Dad and I kind of looked at each other and weren't sure.  The rules say that parents don't get to stay.

We discussed with our SPED teacher Monday.  Apparently this is a Big Deal and all the kids - including Dominic - have been practicing dance moves for the last 2 weeks.  And he's terribly excited about it.  (It certainly explains why I keep hearing "Mommy, Dance!)   There will be tons of teacher volunteers there and she swears he'll be safe.  They will be having hot dogs, so I made her promise to ensure that he doesn't have the bun and we're going to do it.  We're going to drop him off at 6pm for a dance!  and he's going to stay until 8. 

My baby is going to his first school dance.  The one that I couldn't even bear to hope for not that long ago.  Someone pinch me.

Now.  he's supposed to dress up in 1950's theme.  I'm thinking jeans and a white tshirt.  We don't have black shoes, so his sneakers will have to do, and i'll slick his hair back with some gel, if he'll let me.

I'm hoping they take some pictures for me and email them to me.  If nothing else, I'll get a pic of how he looks before we drop him off.

Thank you IonCleanse by AMD, and Pathways for helping us get him to a point maturity wise that we're even willing to consider this.   And thank you to my TeamTMR sisters for being the steel in my spine to keep me from never stopping looking for our answers.  The progress we've made with him since January is nothing short of astounding.

We had hit a point where we were completely thinking in one day at a time and not doing any hoping for the future.  Now I feel like I can hope.

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