Thursday, May 7, 2015

End of year school meeting

I alluded to it yesterday and in fact this blog was going to run before yesterdays, I was just too excited  to not share yesterday's news.  We met with our SPED teacher Monday to touch base on the end of the year.

Some highlights...

The maturity growth she has seen at school blows her mind.  He is SO independent and wanting to be doing things with his peers.  This is both positive and negative because he completely doesn't want to be pulled out of the classroom to work IEP goals, but is not even close to classroom level of academics.   Social interaction has SOARED this semester, but academics have suffered because he doesn't want to be apart from his peers.

She is beyond impressed at the gains from the IonCleanse by AMD footbath protocol we've been doing the last 4 months.  She said she has never seen another child with his level of disability make the kinds of improvements that Dominic has this semester. 

We told her we are next going to work on the Gemiini program over the summer - the plan is to start that in the next few weeks and be diligent with it this summer.  We would like to teach him days, our address, currency, work on speech turn taking and sentence formation.  We have heard such good stuff about the program from other folks that its falling into the category of we cannot not try it. She was intrigued, particularly because Gemiini was started both for Downs and Autism and she's got 2 kiddos with DS coming in next year.  I actually think she's going to look at the program and try to get the school to pay for a school membership. I know we are very blessed by our support system in our school district.

She agrees that we're *almost* there with his brain pathways, and that he's retaining a lot more than we give him credit for.  We both think he's reading.  He is absolutely retaining information much more than we think.  We're going to make a concerted effort across both environments to not respond to his requests unless he uses all his words.

We will probably do a re-evaluation IEP earlier in the school year than we need to next fall to address his desire to not be pulled out of class, if he can focus AND if we can make some good progress over the summer.

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