Sunday, May 17, 2015

Homeopathy, here we come!

Yesterday we had the most amazing team consult for Dominic.  We had our long time Chiropractor, our Naturopath, and the owner of Pathways Natural Wellness center all together with the three of us to work on Dominic's plan.

The biggest thing to come out of that session is that our naturopath, who is also a homeopath, is working up his constitutional remedy.  I'm very excited about this because I've known about homeopathy and its been on my list for years, I just haven't had the knowledge of where to start.  She does.  And the cool thing is I went to college with her almost 20 years ago.

I love the concept of a treatment team and I'm so glad it came together.

In other news, we haven't had hardly any miller moths this year.  I think the weather has been too cool for them.  Maybe they will show up late, who knows.

Most years they've been and gone by now.  We found one in the kitchen yesterday and here's what transpired

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